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The detached villa is on three levels, with large private garden area. The ground floor is dedicated to the living area with a kitchen, dining room and large living room with double height. Furthermore, there is a bathroom and a single bedroom, which is accessed from the living area via a convenient hallway. The link with the outside is provided by large windows with attractive shapes, overlooking the garden, as well as the choice of a natural  coating such as wood, laid in horizontal bands, throughout the volume of the bedroom.

The first floor is accessed by a stairway easy to identify from the outside because it consist in a well defined volume, further highlighted by the use of an outer coating in wood, this time posed along the vertical direction.

The stairs land on a balcony that overlooks the living area below and which connects the master bedroom with bath. The large terrace which is connected to the master bedroom, with transparent glass parapets, underlines again the desire to communicatewith the outside. Finally, proceeding down the stairs, you reach another balcony on the second floor, with a skylight that providesbrightness to the stairwell.

So if at first sight, the villa can be treated as a cluster of separate volumes, with compact forms, in fact, each space is designed to ensure maximum exposure, openness and communication with the external environment, thanks to the use large windows and the choice of coating materials such as wood and natural stone, which adorn the facade and  provide an aspect  with innovative design.